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Why Maynard Maybe SHOULDN’T Do Side Projects

April 16, 2006 Leave a comment

inre: New Tool single, “Vicarious”

Vedict: alright. Not the best song they’ve done, very “typical” Tool. Maynard’s lyrics are kinda trite, and the vocal style is more like A Perfect Circle than Tool. I’ve heard that they were going to bury the vocals under the instrumentation in the mix, and to a point that’s true. I think with every album, the drums get further and further out front, burying everything else. Mind you, Danny Carey kicks 110% ass, but I really wish I was getting more guitar. The whole thing seems like it’s missing that. Even the more “solo” moments seem buried under the super-out-front drums and bass.

Also, since this is the first single, I’m thinking they went with the same formula as “Schism”, because that’s what it sounds the most like. In fact, it sounds like what I would think APC would play if they wrote “Schism”.

Having said that, though, it seems that they’ve managed to combine the more “metal” moments of Undertow–and, to a lesser extent, Opiate–with the dynamic and more “crushing” sound of Lateralus. But I think everything sounds too tight, too dry. Whereas with Lateralus there was an atmosphere, a feel to the record, this just sounds like A Perfect Circle 3.0. While the there’s some neat syncopation at the end, and Adam whips out some pretty killer arpeggioes at the end, I don’t know how much I really like this song. It doesn’t have the dynamic range that I think it really should, but that may be due to internet compression. I can’t make a final judgement until the album release, but if it sounds like this, I hope the rest of the album is a hell of a lot better, because this is just average. Granted, average for Tool is amazing for most bands, but I’m just not terribly impressed.

Incidentally, that weird thing that sorta sounds like a shaker in the intro and breakdown is actually a Mandala drum pad, made by the guy at Synesthesia and developed with Danny Carey. I suggest checking out the videos of that thing in action. Technology = go.